Innovative Design

Ezypole’s innovative range of lowerable poles has revolutionised the pole industry by reducing installation and on maintenance costs.
We are now one of the leading pole suppliers to the private and public sectors around the world. Our range of lowerable poles eliminate the need for working platforms and elevating equipment, which in turn eliminates health and safety issues for you and the public.
Other benefits include begin able to gain access to equipment in a matter of minutes through controlled lowering via a manual winch or simple walk down poles. Wether you need to change a light fitting, clean a solar panel, upgrade radio transmitting equipment or just simply clean a camera lens the advantages of a lowerable pole will save you time and money in the long run.

About Us

In 2008 at a small tool making factory in Melbourne Australia, the first lowerable pole was manufactured. It was made to assist a customer install a 6 meter light pole in a remote area where a crane or an elevating platform was not accessible due to dense bushland.
In 2009 as the demand for lowerable poles for the lighting industry increased the EZYpole Company was formed. Now with patents in over 15 countries we are the world’s leading manufacturer of lowerable poles supplying a diverse market from solar powered lighting, weather monitoring and transmitting equipment to security cameras and lighting poles.
Engineered and Manufactured according to Australian Standards ensures the highest quality product for your application with additional engineering available for category A, B, C and D wind regions.

“Reduce your ongoing lighting maintenance

costs by up to 70%”



  • Exterior Lighting
  • Solar Lighting
  • CCTV & Time Lapse Cameras
  • Temporary Installations
  • Weather & Monitoring Equipment
  • Transmission & Radio Antennas
  • Advertising & Signage

Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Access for termination of electrical equipment
  • Reduced installation and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Lowering and raising of pole can be carried out by one person
  • Constructed with high tensile Australian Steel
  • Suitable for all industrial and public access areas
  • No need for ladders or elevating equipment OH&S Compliant to eliminate work permits
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